Back to Basics: Food


I’ve adopted a flexible clean eating regime. This means that I eat minimally processed foods, and aim towards legible ingredient labels. If you can read the ingredients and its not a mile long then its less processed. I also indulge in treats here and there and not fret over them, this is where the flexibility comes in. I focus on lean proteins, healthy fats, simple carbs (fruits) and complex carbs (grains). This has been the most beneficial way of eating for my body. Everyone has their own styles of eating, not everyone will be the same this is a key to remember when trying to find what works best for you.

Notice the serving size and servings per container, the biggest mistake is not taking them into account.

We all know that a vegetable is healthier than a doughnut, but what about foods advertised as “Healthy”? This can be a tricky one. Unfortunately we are constantly faced with the difficult decision of sifting through these products. My number one tip would be to really focus on the nutrition label the next time you are in a grocery store. Just a simple glance can provide you with all the information you need.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed nutritionist by any means, all my information comes from research that I have done first hand. As well as experience with this lifestyle change. Mindfulness plays a big role in this as well. Do you notice after you eat a certain foods you feel extremely lethargic or even the opposite energized? Listening to how your body digests foods and how you feel after consumption is a great tool to mindful eating. If you know that you will want to lay in bed all day from eating some junk foods or feel energized after eating a good wholesome meal which would you choose? Well sometimes the answer is obvious but we still choose the junk food am I right? This is one of my main struggles with food. I call this my addiction because I truly believe it to be one.

Cycles can be broken/repaired but the damage will always be there, its about forming new relationships with foods and understanding them. So this is my mission: to have stability with food and share real life experiences with all of you. In hopes that someone will relate to my struggles and not feel so alone or clueless about options. The world is filled with diets, diets in which I have tried a ton.

Think long term, if you are not happy with your “diet” or x number of days being on it then its not the right one for you. Binge eating and total collapse of your determination will set in. This should not deter you, but ignite that fire within yourself to push harder towards those goals! Don’t be so hard on yourself, fill yourself with new ideas and give them a try.

I will be posting more information on Macros: Carbohydrates, proteins and fats in their own series to come! Comment below on your style of eating!

3 thoughts on “Back to Basics: Food

  1. My way of eating currently is treating myself but still sticking in my calories for the day. I try not to eat too much sugar and I’ve cut all sodas. I can’t wait to see more of your content.


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